Hamburger Options for Game Day

This post is sponsorship with Sweet Earth Awesome Burger but all opinions are my own.


One of my favorite seasons is here and it’s football season because not only of the great football games and tailgating but I’m always there for some delicious food when we are with friends or even at home. I like to have some great food options for everyone when we entertain, especially when we have friends or family who are plant based eaters  and I bet you do too!


I just made Sweet Earth Awesome Burger this past weekend for Sunday Football and let me tell you, it was so dang delicious that I really couldn’t believe it was not meat. It tasted just like a ground beef burger and I’m not lying, it was so delicious that I seriously would consider trading in my beef patty for an awesome burger any day.


Sweet Earth Awesome burger contains 26 Grams of Protein per serving, 6G of Fiber and it tastes super juicy which is so crazy because it’s all made out of plant based non GMO ingredients!! I had to eat two just to make sure my taste buds were not lying to me and guess what, they were not! So juicy and meaty tasting that you really need to give it a try.

The weather was a little bit chilly this weekend so I cooked my Sweet Earth Awesome Burger on my stove top in a pan instead on the grill but it can be cooked on either or, I made sure to season it with my usual burger seasonings and topped it off with my fave hamburger toppings, mayonnaise, mustard, american cheese, lettuce, a ton of pickles and tomatoes. The patties will have a pink to warm-red center which is normal according to the package and when “done” and the patties are like this thanks to the fabulous plant-based ingredients.

You seriously need to give Sweet Earth Awesome Burger a try, it tasted sooo delicious and totally juicy that you can fool anyone that this is not meat and all plant based. Also, it’s just the perfect hamburger option to have on hand when you are entertaining and there is options for everyone to try even on game day!


Have you tried any plant based burger patties before? If so, comment below and tell me which ones were your favorites?

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