Dia de Los Muertos 2017

When I knew we would be living out here during the October/November months I was more than excited that we would be able to experience a true Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) here in Mexico.  Here in Mexico, Families traditionally start to celebrate it on the evening of October 31st and it ends on the actual Day of the Dead on November 2nd.


If you don’t know what Dia de los Muertos is, here is a tiny little overview of it:

The Day of the Dead is a public Holiday in Mexico where families build ofendas (altars) either at the cemetery gravesites or at their homes to honor their beloved ones that have passed away. On their ofrendas (altars) they have pictures of their family members, with their favorite foods, drinks which were mainly tequila. The Ofrendas were elaborately decorated with lively festive colors, calaveras (sugar skulls), beautiful orange marigold flowers, which are the traditional flower of Day of the Dead and Pan de Muerto.  By the way, pan de muerto is so delicious I had it almost every morning with coffee. This tradition has been celebrated in Mexico since the 16th century and through recent years people in the United States have been celebrating it as well since this holiday is seen important to the Mexican heritage.

The colors and the people´s dedication of the decor is so beautiful that I know my pictures don’t do it any justice. This is something you definitely need to experience in Mexico,  if you ever get a chance to.

Even Restaurants partake in making Ofrendas (Altars) of famous Mexican actors. 

Catrina figures often are a prominent part of modern Day of the Dead which is called La Calavera Catrina (The Elegant Skull) and are seen everywhere. These are the ones that are displayed on the Malecon (Boardwalk).

Some restaurants go all out on their decorations.

Even some of the hotels had made their Ofrendas (Altars) as well.

This ofrenda (altar) was my favorite because it was made with pallets and crates, you know crafty girl at heart has to love this one.

This Ofrenda (Altar) is dedicated to a university professor who had passed away.

Here in Mexico Dia de los Muertos is celebrated for 3 days, October 31 – November 2nd with daily tours, parades and activities with so much to do and see we were so fortunate to be able to enjoy this experience while living here. We have celebrated this holiday in California in Riverside and Santa Ana but here in Mexico has been the best experince yet.

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  1. I LIVE for Dia de los Muertos! I’ve done celebrations in Santa Ana, Olvera Street, and Hollywood Forever cemetery, but to experience the “real deal” looks SOOOOO cool!

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