Adventure Awaits

In a couple of weeks my husband and I will start our new adventure of living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I’m born and raised in California so living in another country is going to be an experience!! We have vacationed in PV many of times but we all know a vacation is totally different from living there. My hubby’s business is leading us there to live for 6 months to 1 year. Excitement and nervousness all rolled into one that’s for sure!

So follow me and our little adventure of living somewhere new and me trying to figure it all out.

I also love to share my finds & buys and I bought this cute felt letter board from  Felt Like Sharing

They have felt letter boards in so many colors like: pink, brown, black, white, teal, I seriously want to buy one in ever color! Check out their website, you won´t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits

    1. Thank you, it’s definitely going to be an adventure that’s for sure! I LOVE your blog!! Everything you write about is incredible, what an experience

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