Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

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I came up with a simple gift guide for your sister, best friend, girlfriend or maybe a little something for you too! I’m a horrible shopper and always buy for me and one for you! I’m so horrible which makes me realize I might need to start shopping earlier than last minute. So here’s a simple gift guide that i know a couple of things that I would love!

1. Loving this cute pink coat from Old Navy, my fave color and also everyone needs a cute jacket!

2. Rose Gold Brush Set is perfect for the beauty babe in our life.

3. Marc Fisher mountain boots are something I really want this winter! Stylish and cute to keep your feet warm.

4. Monogram Pendent Necklace is pretty and so stylish!

5. Michael Kors rose and gold purse

6. For all those Target lovers, this is the perfect coffee mug! I know I need this in my life.

7. Prada Candy is my new favorite perfume!

So I think i have a pink theme going on here but that’s okay, it’s one of my favorite colors. Happy shopping Chicas!

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