Ideas For A Fun Wine Night At Home

This blog post in collaboration with Cursive Wine with Amazon Fresh but all opinions are my own

Even though I’m used to hosting a fun wine night with friends at my home and right now while social distancing is priority for all of us in California and all over the world, it doesn’t mean I still can’t have a fun wine night at home. I just had to use some fun ideas on how to have one at home and wanted to share some ideas with you so you can have one have too.

Steps for a fun wine night at home:

Step One –  Wine

First and foremost, the wine! Who could not remember to grab a good wine to have for a wine night at home. Right now my go to wine I’m loving is from Cursive Wines which is an exclusive wine to Amazon Fresh. Their Pinot Grigio is light and crisp with a hint of pear and a nice fruity aroma, not sweet at all and easy to drink. I love to drink it chilled and is greatly paired with chicken, salmon and of course a delicious charcuterie board. I enjoy Cursive Wine’s Malbec during the colder months of the year and it is a favorite of mine to pair with a fun charcuterie board, pizza and a nice steak dinner. All of the Cursive Wines are at a great price that it’s so hard to believe and I honestly had to share you with you!

Step Two – Food

I like to always make a fun charcuterie board to go with a glass of Cursive Wine. I make mine super simple with easy ingredients that I know that not only will I love but my picky  husband too! How I make my charcuterie board….

I have a wooden board that I purchased a while ago and I add cheeses such as, pepper jack, manchego and cheddar. Meats like salami or prosciutto slices. Fresh fruit like berries and grapes. I like to also add some crackers, hot pepper jelly and dark chocolate almonds. Also because sometimes a charcuterie board is just for grazing you can pair your Cursive Wine with a fun pizza themed night, seafood or Italian dinner too!

Step Three – Zoom or FaceTime Friends

We have had a fun little happy hour here and there to Zoom or FaceTime a couple of our close friends. It’s always great to see some familiar faces that we haven’t been able to see for a while in person so a video call is what we do and stream it on our television. To plan it, all you have to do is send them an invite and more fun if you can drop off a bottle of wine on their doorstep with a handwritten note. 

Step Four – Dress Up!

Why have a fun wine night at home and not dress up? Before the pandemic hit, my husband and I always had Friday date night and dressed up. We kept that tradition alive while stay at home order was set in place and even though we do a date night at home on Friday nights we still dress up and make it special. 


Step Five – Have Fun!

We always make it a fun night and play all of our favorite music, light some candles and sometimes play a fun game like a card game or even a Pictionary and there’s always time for a funny movie too. Or even better, take it outside on the porch or back patio to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of your favorite Cursive Wines

What are some of your ideas for a fun wine night while at home? I would love to know.

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