Mummies, Tunnels & Mines, Oh My!

On our way to San Miguel de Allende we decided to stay the night in Guanajuato City. As the many times we have drove by this hidden gem of a city on our way to San Miguel we always told each other that we have to make a point to stay and visit. Well since we had some time available we finally did it and buy we we’re so glad that we did.

Since it was our first time being here we booked a 3 Hour tour to get to know the city and it’s history.

Las momias

First off to the Mummy Museum which is the city’s most famous tourist attraction. This museum contains 111 mummies that are actual bodies of people who had died and their bodies were naturally mummified.

*Warning: if you have a sensitive stomach then these images may not be for you.


Guanajuato became a major silver mining town in the early 19th century and it has produced over 30% if the world’s silver and many of heir mines continue to operate today.

It was an extremely dark and steep mine shalt and so we didn’t get to take great pictures due to me being petrified that there would be an earthquake and we would get stuck there. Yes I know, once in a lifetime thing to happen but you never know!

El Callejón de Beso

One of the famous stories here is the Callejon del Beso, the Alley of the kiss. Legend has it that when two lovers pass this alley they must stop and kiss on the 3rd step in order for their love to last forever.

Here is the 18th century true story:

A poor miner fell in love with young woman with a strict, rich father. One day the father discovered that they were in love and told his daughter that they were moving to Spain for her to marry a rich nobleman and locked her in her room and to never leave. The poor miner noticed that her bedroom window faced another home, so he purchased the house next door with all of his life savings. When she discover her lover was right next door to her they would kiss every night out of their balcony windows. When her father discovered this and he was so angry that he stabbed his daughter with a knife. The poor miner gave her one last kiss as she died in his arms. He was so distraught and couldn’t bear to live without his true love that he committed suicide by jumping from a the wall of the main mine shaft.

We couldn’t have any of that happening to us, so we took a dang picture on the infamous steps lol.

Beautiful colored homes, tunnels & more!

Many of the homes here are brightly colored. Buy I did not do a good job of taking pictures of them since we came and went in a flash but I promise next time it will be my goal to take better pics for you all.

Since Guanajuato is built mainly on hills, the only way to get around is through tunnels which run directly underneath. We both got a taxi and walked through them to get to the downtown town areas.

This is the Plaza de Paz (plaza of peace) since the colonial period the richest of the cities families built their homes here along with government buildings and churches.

Guanajuato was such a beautiful colonial town that we were lucky enough to see and so glad that we did. I definitely think it´s a must see town if you ever visit Mexico. If you have been here, what is your favorite thing about Guanajuato?

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      1. Love the pics and the stories! I feel like I’m there with you! Thank you for sharing!

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