Our 1st Week In Mexico

We arrived to Puerto Vallarta on September 30th with total excitement of starting our new adventure.  Since we are on the hunt for a home to rent for the next year we are currently staying with my husband´s cousin and his wife, who have been so sweet to us.

​On Sunday they took us out to downtown Puerto Vallarta for some lunch and drinks, a lot of businesses are closed on Sundays so that is the day for families to hangout and relax and to go out and eat.

The weather here is tropical and right now it’s still so hot and humid, so it wasn’t a surprise that we ended up getting caught up in a downpour of rain.  To dry off we stopped to get a couple of tacos and drinks, what a great idea to dry off, right.


I found the mall!!! Haha of course right? How could this shopaholic not look out for a mall, best part is that it´s down the street from where we are staying and it faces the Marina so it has a fantastic view! The shops are almost the same as home, the biggest department store is called Liverpool, something extremely similar to a Macys.

Lately my hubby has been working at Starbucks since his office isn´t ready but I wanted to try someplace new so we found this cute little coffee shop called La Cata Cafe Bistro. It’s the cutest cafe with artisanal coffee that you definitely find in the U. S. and they also offer craft beer and wine. Wine! Umm….heck yeah that’s my kind of coffee place.

We have been going to church at Our Lady Of Guadalupe which is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta and is such an historic landmark that they have tourist visits daily. It’s such a beautiful church and it’s famous for its crown that is on the top of the church. Bilingual mass is what we have been attending and you will see locals and tourists there in church. Like many of the churches in Mexico, it’s just as beautiful inside as it is outside. 

Our first week here has been great and also an adjustment. I hope you look forward to reading more about my upcoming adventures of living here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

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11 thoughts on “Our 1st Week In Mexico

  1. Yay! Loving your blogs, chica! It’s like I get to be there with you on your adventures! Enjoy every moment my friend!

  2. Yes so excited to be reading your blogs, even though I have visited Puerta Vallarta, its fun to hear what you find interesting there… keep 👩🏻‍💻

  3. Glad you’re having fun in your new chapter in life 🙂 keep the blogs coming my friend! I love reading them.

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