Teeth Whitening While On The Go

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GLEEM. All opinions are 100% mine.

One thing we are constantly doing is traveling, whether it’s a weekend staycation nearby or Puerto Vallarta for my husband’s job, we are constantly on the go each month and one thing I can’t forget is to take care of my teeth.

I recently have just switched from a traditional toothbrush to GLEEM’s rechargeable electric toothbrush and I couldn’t believe what took me so long to make the switch. Hey even my dental hygienist was happy I finally made the switch! With it’s 2 modes: Classic Clean and GLEEM

Clean for those days when you feel like you need that extra brushing power. It comes with a non bulky charging base and the sleek electric toothbrush design makes it so easy to pack while traveling with the included travel case. I chose the GLEEM Aqua rechargeable brush and cannot wait to buy the slate color for my husband.

Since we are constantly traveling and I’m always making sure to take photos in between everything I do, teeth whitening has been a new thing for me too! I have had my struggles with finding the right teeth whitening products that I can bring along with me that are travel friendly.

I found not only does GLEEM have such a great electric toothbrush but they have such great teeth whitening as well! It’s even great to bring along with me while we are traveling because the teeth whitening system is so easy to use and pack too.

By using GLEEM professional teeth whitening light kit and booster strips for one week, I have seen a difference in my teeth being white in 3 days, which I haven’t found in other products I have used before. GLEEM’s products are enamel safe ingredients that even a dentist uses.

It’s so easy to use just simply apply the strips to your teeth for 60 minutes, I think this is the perfect time to catch up on emails,unpack, throw in a load of laundry or do a quick binge watch of your latest Netflix show that you are hooked on. Then use the GLEEM LED light for the last 5 minutes of treatment to your teeth and that’s it!! So easy and simple to use and it’s perfect to use all year long or maybe when you have a special occasion coming soon.

The GLEEM rechargeable toothbrush that I love and the teeth whitening kit are available at Walmart now or on Gleem.com

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    1. Yes I so agree! Right now it’s the perfect time for whitening our teeth and Gleem is an easy to use teeth whitening system too!

  1. Ok I think I need that extra brushing power right now 🙋🏻‍♀️! I’m really into my teeth looking very white!!!

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