Book Review: The Last Mrs. Parrish

So I love to read and I was part of a book club, which I miss so much because it kept me actively reading every month but since we moved I haven’t had the time to actually read a book. I told myself I’m going to get back it this new year of 2018 and read a book at least once a month.

I just finished reading the The Last Mrs. Parrish: A Novel and I seriously couldn´t stop reading it and put it down. This will contain some spoilers but I will try my best to not give so much away.

It’s about a girl Amber who befriends Daphne Parrish, one of the richest women in town. Right away the story reveals that Amber has other plans. I’m telling you now that no one dies, you know that’s the usual given but in this book you already know from the beginning what Amber’s plans kinda are and what she’s all about and what she’s after. As soon as you read part 2 of the book then it totally changes your opinion of the Parrishes and of Amber too. In part 2 of the book all your hoping is that everyone at the end gets what they deserve and trust me, they all do!

So yes, I definitely loved this book. I read it in a week but then again if it’s a really good book then that’s my usual reading pace. I can say that I liked how it ended I do feel everyone did get what they deserved and I would love to read more by the author. It was definitely suspenseful and a page turner.

I you would like to read The Last Mrs. Parrish you can purchase it here from Amazon

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