What I’m Doing During Quarantine

It’s such a weird time that we are going through right now during stay at home orders here in Southern California. This is a time in my life that I would never think we would be going through but here we are and I know we all are facing it differently. So this isn’t a blog post about “How to Stay Productive” or “What You Should Be Doing During Quarantine” I know that I have seen too many of those type of posts and I think they are awesome but I want you to know that its okay not be super productive or reorganize your whole house during this time. We all are taking this differently and whatever makes you go through this is the best thing you can do for yourself. I know when felt a lot of anxiety and so it took me a couple of weeks to feel adjusted and okay with myself and how to handle this situation. This is the couple things I have been doing to keep myself busy…

Kristin Reveles - The Lovely Chica
Top and Jeans from Finders Keep Hers Boutique

Netflix Binge

Sometimes a good Netflix binge session is what is needed to just relax and not think. Here is a couple of Netflix shows that I have binged or that is on my next to binge list:

  1. Schitt’s Creek – Is too funny and I cannot stop laughing a every episode. It’s about super rich family that is suddenly broke and now living in a Motel located in a small town called Schitt’s Creek they bought as a joke!
  2. Money Heist – Every episode has me biting my nails! 8 thieves try to rob Spain’s Royal Mint and out think the police. This series is located in Spain so there are subtitles.
  3. One Day At  A Time – I’m going to start this one next! Its an updated on the classic of a latina single mom raising her son & daughter with the help of her mom.

Books I’m Reading

I love a good book and I just started to read again since I have been watching way too much TV during this time (see above, Netflix Binge) So I have been taking 30 minutes a day to read. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. The Woman In The Window – I’m currently reading and can’t put down! Soon to be a movie but read the book first, it’s always better. It’s about a woman who is homebound and see’s something happen to one of her neighbors but no one believes her. It’s like a Hitchcock movie.
  2. Girl Wash Your Face – a self motivational book that talks about real issues us woman go through.
  3. The Nightingale – One of my favorite books that I always recommend to anyone who wants a good read. It’s about 2 sisters based in France during the WWII and the invasion of Nazi’s in France and what they go through during this time. It will make you cry so grab your tissues.

Support Small Businesses

One thing I have been doing during this time is try to support all the small businesses, like ordering food to go from our favorite local restaurant or even buying some clothes from a local boutique. Here are my favorites…

  1. Mountain Mikes Pizza – They are franchised owned and one of our favorite pizza to have on the weekend as a treat! Try their curly pepperoni, they are the best also, they have weekly coupons and great deals!
  2. Finders Keep Hers Boutique – One of my favorite small business clothing boutiques that has the cutest clothes and fun accessories. I love all of their hats, you need to check them out!
  3. Akash Winery – You can’t spell Quarantine without wine. You can but it’s not the same and right now supporting local wineries is the way you can do it! There are so many here in Southern California and I do miss a nice day at the wineries so this is the way I am doing it!
Kristin Reveles - The Lovely Chica
Top and Hair Pins from Finders Keep Hers Boutique
Kristin Reveles
Top from Finders Keep Hers Boutique
Kristin Reveles - The Lovely Chica
Top and Jeans from Finders Keep Hers Boutique

I hope my list of things are something you can think and do, what are you doing right now during quarantine that is keeping you sane?

I hope you are staying healthy and safe wherever you are!


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  1. Such a great post idea! and thanks for sharing what you’re watching and reading – im adding some of those to my list now. Also I’m going to check out that boutique, I love supporting small businesses!

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