BOTTAIA Winery: A Little Bit Of Napa in Temecula California

This post is in collaboration with Christina Sanchez Photography and BOTTAIA WINERY

One of the newest wineries that just opened in Temecula, California BOTTAIA WINERY portrays all class and Napa Valley feels all in southern California’s Temecula Wine Country. Just a short drive for all of us Southern Californians that want to visit Napa but don’t have the chance to.

BOTTAIA WINERY is the only winery in Temecula that is reservation only which makes it stand out from all the wineries in town. If you would love a day to get away from the crowds and bachelorette parties this is the winery for you!

BOTTAIA WINERY’s seated tasting and charcuterie pairing is like no other and a must! An unforgettable seated wine tasting of 5 preselected estate wines paired with one of three charcuterie plates. Hard to decide which platter was one was my favorite because all three were so delicious Antipasto Platter, Mediterranean and the Classic charcuterie board.

Mediterranean Vegetable Platter

Antipasto Platter

BOTTAIA barrel tasting room is one of the only wineries where you can actually taste wine from the barrel

Barrel tasting
Bebe Dress

BOTTAIA Winery’s Barrel Tasting experience is different from any of the other wineries because it’s more of an intimate feel, as they only allow 25 people at a time. More time to enjoy your wine and learn from where the grapes are grown from rather than dealing with the crowds.

BOTTAIA Winery also has a relaxing day pool that is surrounded by their beautiful vineyards. Their Pool Cafe includes a full bar and delicious menu that you that you can enjoy while relaxing poolside.

A day at The BOTTAIA Pool you can reserve an Italian styled cabine that has a shower, hair dryer and also where you can store your belongings, while you enjoy your day poolside.

Forever 21 Bathing Suit

BOTTAIA Winery was such a hidden gem and an enjoyable experience that I cannot wait to come back again!

Reserve your reservation today!

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